Around the Campfire

“Grab a seat near the campfire and sit a spell” — something many of us around these parts has heard a time or two. We cut our teeth on working with old cowboys and cattle ranchers getting rid of pigs and coyotes on their ranches in the Panhandle, and then as we grew older and more responsible, we started seeing them encroach in other areas. Our respect for the animals and learning from them is what brought us to bringing 5S Outdoors to fruition.

We are not the typical Sporting Good store though. We focus on bringing you the right tools that you need and not any of the junk that they throw at us at the big box store to fill in the fluff. No imported garbage. Just straight from the factories and manufacturers to you the consumer to put fur on the board, antlers on your wall, and meat in the freezer.

Whether it’s hunting at night, setting up your man cave, or anywhere in between, we aim to serve those needs. So sit down and peruse the catalog. If you don’t see something but curious if we can get it or have it in our retail store, give us a shout. Meanwhile, enjoy the campfire and the tall tales that come with it.